-Access to my cameras is still available- You must now request a password for access to view my House Cams. Please click the Password Request button below and follow the instructions on the new page that comes up.

-If you already have a password, click the Cameras button below. 



The first time you click the "Cameras" button above you will have to download and install a small Active X component. This component is NOT any kind of spyware and will NOT cause pop-ups or other unwanted junk to appear or happen to your PC.

Click on the "Cameras" button. After a moment you should be prompted to install an Active X component. A window may pop up or a yellow bar may appear at the top of your browser window. A window should appear similar to the image below; click yes or continue to install the component. If a bar appears at the op of the browser window right-click it and select install component. After the component is installed a new window should appear. Type in your username and password and you should see cameras. Then, click on "Connect" to view the cameras. If there are any other problems, please feel free to email me.


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